100 Degrees

Yesterday the temperature on my home’s security device was 99 degrees in Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle (high there was 97). I have this security device because the Cable company would charge me more monthly if I did not install it. I hated letting them win because I know my biggest security threat is their device. For all I know the Cable company is causing the heat wave. Temperatures of 100 degrees are not noteworthy in other places but historically Seattle had a hard time even hitting 90 degrees. My readers, including many who reside around Puget Sound, know more about this than I do. Seattle officially hit 100 degrees on July 16, 1941, at the Downtown Federal Building. When Sea-Tac Airport opened in 1945, it became the new official temperature site for Seattle. When the Downtown Federal Building hit 100 degrees on June 9, 1955, the official Sea-Tac temperature was only 96. So Seattle had one, two, or three 100 degree days, depending on credibility of Downtown Federal Building readings. My friend Goktug recorded a dozen 100 degree Seattle days on his outdoor thermometer but he hangs it inside his barbecue grill. I moved to Seattle in 1962 (again inserting myself in the narrative), so finally experienced an official 100 degrees in Seattle on July, 20, 1994. People had started buying air conditioned cars and houses but it took fifteen more years until Seattle topped the century mark again (103 on July 29, 2009). The forecast for today and tomorrow is well over 100, although this information comes from a Fox affiliate television station. I do not know what warming trends mean or what we should do about them but I hope we can all agree Seattle is getting hotter.

27 thoughts on “100 Degrees

  1. I am a big fan of summer with all the extra daylight compared to the darkness and ice of winter. But I am nervous about the electronics invading my house. The biggest entertainment on my grandson’s Microsoft Teams during remote learning was my wife and I arguing in the background until a teacher would remind Sebastian that “everyone can hear your grandparents again.”

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  2. The whole country is extremely hot now Geoff, but it is not all that bad where I am in Florida. We are in our rainy season now and thunderstorms are predicted for the next 2 weeks, but our temperatures should not go much above 90.

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  3. Yes…I saw it’s quite hot there as well. Usually Seattle is the best kept secret in the summer months, as the weather is ideal. I guess I might find a place to sit in the water. Hang in there. Donna

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