Ferry to Heaven

Stop me if I have already blogged about Heaven and Hell. Oops, too late I already posted this. I am excited because heaven and hell are locations few readers have visited, so my views are not diminished by the vast knowledge of others. We travel by ferry quite a bit where I live. If we are on foot, my wife and I will go up on deck and watch the boarding process below. On crowded days, we will see the last car loaded and the first vehicle that must wait for the next ferry. I always wonder what it would be like to be the least good person to make the cut for heaven. You have martyrs who gave up lives for the Good and you have the Prodigal Sons and Daughters who made peace on a deathbed (or Cross like the Good Thief). You can postulate a hierarchy in heaven that takes care of that. The least qualified person in Heaven might need counseling for feelings of guilt or inadequacy but I presume the theme of Love is very inclusive in a heavenly place. So I am more worried about the least bad person who misses the cut and is stuck in Hell with the very most evil culprits. Is part of Hell actually the punishment of being in a hierarchy where everyone is unhappy about the rung they are on? Are serial killers jealous that they are not in the Baddest category reserved for architects of genocide? Are those who murdered no one tortured by a realization that they barely missed the ferry? Another troubling question for me is whether I may regret posting this someday.

11 thoughts on “Ferry to Heaven

  1. The Prince of Darkness is everywhere and nowhere. Like a bird in flight, his silhouette crosses the ground and is seen nevermore. But remember: Lucifer originally meant “bringer of light” and occasionally a word of wisdom will cross his tongue. Of course, he’ll twist it. Twist twist twist it. That’s just his way, unfortunately.

    — Catxman



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