291 Words

What has blogging taught me you might not ask. So I will tell you. When I began posting daily in August of 2016, I had not yet learned the definition of the word circumlocution but I knew how to do it well. As a Company spokesperson at the Negotiation Table, I once finished my long-winded response to a proposal and the bewildered Union leader replied, “I don’t know what you just said.” That was high praise indeed. But I thought no one would read my posts if I rambled incoherently. After a few weeks of posting, I realized WordPress automatically counted my words (and everything else, including how many minutes I nap at the keyboard). Since I no longer needed to count words manually, I self-imposed a 300 word limit on my posts. My writing improved because if I wrote a 328 word draft, I would work at cutting a brag, redundancies, and dead words like “Typically there is” at the beginning of a sentence. This was fun, like a Sudoku puzzle and I could see immediate results. If I was at 317 words and still had a major point to make, I could split the essay into two posts. But then I discovered that I was padding shorter posts to get close to the 300 word limit! My total annual words for 2018 and 2019 were within 570 of each other (less than two words per day), a miniscule difference considering I am allowed over 100,000 annual words within the 300 word limit. I tossed in a 32 word post on June 6th just to prove I was not a bot. It took great discipline to stop that day. I am going to try it again soon. Just not today.


14 thoughts on “291 Words

  1. I used to have a plan that I called the Nifty Three Fifty because I had read an article where an author said that was a good start. Later on, a friend said they had been taught that you should write 1500 words every day. Now, I don’t care, I just write until I’m finished and go back a re-read it and don’t think about word count very often.

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  2. my average daily words have dropped from 549 when I first started in 2015 to 411 words per post so far this year…

    It may be a sign that I am running out of things to say; if so the world is a better place…

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