For last Saturday’s post, I calculated that I had lived 26,958 days. This startled me. I doublechecked the Math because I thought the number was too low. I had also slept away a good 25% of each of those days. The number 26,958 is very finite, unlike budgets and spending bills for trillions or bazillions which I cannot comprehend or visualize. If you have a job that pays $26,958 per year, you know exactly how finite that number is. If you want to buy a car for $26,958, you can visualize that number and see that you cannot afford it on a $26,958 salary. When I was very young, I thought living to age 73 came with an infinite amount of days. If I understood how little time that really was, I would not have wasted a couple extra years not getting toilet trained. I would not have “gone drinking” as an activity for so many hours of so many days. Sure, go to a football game and have a few beers, go to a restaurant and order cocktails with dinner, disrupt your ex-girlfriends wedding by getting drunk and disorderly. But what was that activity we called “going drinking?” Thankfully I cannot remember much of it but apparently we thought we had so much time that we wanted to waste some of it by just drinking alcohol until we passed out or got arrested. As I have aged, I realize how valuable time is. That’s why I sit at a screen well into the wee hours of the morning restarting a spider solitaire game over and over because I know I can beat it. At least I am making efficient use of my time by drinking while I play.


19 thoughts on “26,958

  1. You always manage to get me in stitches Geoff. And I am 73 too, and I THINK I am toilet trained! I think you start to go backwards at a certain age though. Ordo you start again? Lol

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    1. I actually cannot remember much after an impromptu toast where I said I wanted to say a few words about my two favorite people and then began praising my parents. And no my parents were not in attendance. They would never go to weddings uninvited.

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  2. I tried ‘going drinking’ once when I was HS and again, twice, in college. It was not for me. Why? Have you ever talked to a drunk person? Boring. I must be as boring if I’ve had too much to drink at a wine dinner or after a big race. And yet we humans bond over drink. I forever play math games on line to assure myself that, no, the brain surgeries haven’t taken the edge off.

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