Cruise Ships

I woke up suddenly from a dream where Jane Fonda was flirting with me on a cruise ship. Usually I cannot remember my dreams unless I write them down but this one haunts me with questions. Why do the flirty women in my dreams keep aging along with me? Why am I on a cruise ship with old people and where are we going? Or is it a Mercy Hospital Ship? Am I in a deck chair or a hospital bed? Is Fonda actually a nurse making cheery patter while hooking me up to a ventilator? I could go to a dream interpretation website and learn more but I cannot envision good scenarios. I have been on one cruise ship in my life when I sailed to Alaska with my family. The experience was so wonderful, I checked cruises off my bucket list. I have no intention of going on another one with or without Jane Fonda. Those are my instructions to loved ones reading this.


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