Coronavirus cancelled Church services. One week I found a renegade Parish. Next I streamed Mass from my Parish. The priest and deacon sat elbow to elbow during the readings in solidarity against social distancing. Three altar servers were crammed together in their normal space despite rows of empty pews surrounding them. Why was the deacon not handling server duties? Lectors, choir members and a few unseen people received Communion when the Priest briefly went off camera. Were the favored attendees a camera operator, parents of altar servers, people who showed up unaware Mass was canceled, big donors, designated holy parishioners? Unfortunately the Bishop recently made a mysterious sudden change in pastors. He assured us no scandal was involved but provided no details. So, of course, everyone readily accepted the non explanation based on the Catholic Church’s reputation for transparency. The ousted pastor was a dynamic speaker while the newcomer thoughtfully handed out his homilies in advance because his accent is hard to understand. The text was not available for the streaming service which already provided sub par sound. I could be accused of not paying attention anyway based on the nitpicking in this post. I was antsy, deeming it sacrilegious to use the treadmill like I might while viewing required Continuing Legal Education courses. I was surprised how much I missed receiving Communion and figured Coronavirus opened eyes dulled by 65 years of a regular routine. My wife says it was my typical jealousy when others get something I cannot have. But I promise I will not be jealous if everyone gets COVID-19 except me.


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