Weighted Blankets

On December 21st, I wrapped a big box with a double weighted blanket inside. Such blankets allegedly are calming for people who are anxious or have autism. We recently realized that our fourteen year old grandson might benefit from one since he heaps on multiple blankets every night. It happened to be Christmas season when we purchased one, so I was wrapping it up as a gift. We also gave him a football for the beach. Others have the fun of gifting him with legos and video games. Even so, it was difficult to wrap up a blanket while thinking of my reaction if I received one when I was in high school. In junior high, I did get deodorant in my stocking but that was welcome because I overheard a conversation my parents had at the foot of the stairs to my bedroom. My Mom was telling my Dad that she would handle “it” like her own mother did when she put deodorant in my Mom’s Christmas stocking. The “it” was obviously body odor. And receiving deodorant in my stocking was such a better alternative than having my Dad initiate another one of those awkward father/son talks I dreaded.

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