Before Christmas, I was on an email chain where family members were making clever fun of fruitcake. I am actually the one person in our family who loved all the fruitcake my parents would get in the holiday season. No one else would eat it, so I could take my time polishing it off. I crave sweets but have also always loved nuts, fruits, and especially dried fruits. I have eaten raisins daily for over forty years and love spumoni ice cream. Fruitcake traditions seem to survive now as more of a joke. My brother Kevin and his friend Rich once made a batch in college and delivered them on Christmas Eve to girls they fancied. They left shells on the nuts without any fear that the fruitcakes would actually be eaten. I was appalled at the desecration and waste of such a delicacy. Fruitcake is so rich, dense, and caloric that it could take me until February to get through a Christmas stash. As my metabolism slowed and my eating habits improved, I was able to live through Christmas without missing fruitcake. Several years ago I bought some mini versions made by monks and I gifted them to my siblings and others for Christmas. After reading the email chain referenced above, I realize that was a big mistake!

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