Resolutions Redux

Another year is ending and my review of accomplishments is depressing. I need to jog 775.9 miles today to reach my annual goal. I have cruised through the 0.9 miles on the treadmill but need to take a break to preserve my string of 861 consecutive daily Blog postings. The good news is that my wife is as far behind as I am. For Christmas 2017, I gave her a card authorizing a Christmas remodel since we had a broken dishwasher, only two burners working on the stove top, and an oven/microwave unit that only works sporadically and never at the same time. The kitchen cabinets are also a mess so I parlayed this disaster into a lazy man’s unromantic gift of the sleeves out of my vest. And it keeps on giving because I was able to re-gift it for Christmas 2018. And I already have the same card ready for 2019! The one goal we both achieved in 2018 was the most important one. We both stayed alive for all 365 days. Despite the degree of difficulty, we have resolved to accomplish it again in 2019.

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