I have daydreams like everyone. Some are fanciful, fun partly because they are so unattainable. I knew fairly early in life that I would not be playing in a World Series or elected President of the United States. I could still imagine it though. But some people dream those dreams and have the fun of realizing them. Many fantasize about walking on the moon but few actually take that stroll. Of course, I have had dreams that I thought were possible and some came true (Mollie did marry me) and others did not (I was never a Judge or an Ambassador like I promised Mollie to get her to marry me). Sometimes I am shocked when I think a dream is a sure thing and the slam dunk caroms off the rim. I was one of three finalists for a big job at the University of Southern California and thought I really aced the interview process. After much soul searching, my wife and I decided to take the opportunity and relocate; except the offer never came. I do dream big enough that reality has no chance to exceed my imaginings. But some people experience the feeling of venturing past their wildest expectations. At some time early in her career, Meryl Streep probably fantasized about winning an Oscar; but surely she did not dream of being nominated 19 times for an Academy Award. Bill Russell may have had a lofty goal of winning an NBA Championship but I doubt he was pining away for eleven of them. Maybe the secret of their success is that, unlike me, they put more effort into the doing rather than the dreaming!


2 thoughts on “Daydreams

  1. Russell won eleven titles in thirteen years, but wears just two of his title rings—first and last. He also sucked as the Sonics coach and the book he wrote was of similar ilk. My advice to Streep is to stay away from directing and don’t write a book.


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