Great Old Days

It took me awhile but I am finally ready to Make America Great Again. I do remember fondly when America was great and I yearn for those days. It seems like forever ago but actually only five days have elapsed since the greatness era. Political incumbents always face the difficult task of explaining why they have not eliminated world hunger, warfare, and unemployment. They must defend their positions on gun control, abortion and global warning, knowing the impossibility of making everyone happy. Our new President will go from attacking incumbents to defending his record. My own self interest impels me to root for a good record but I suspect Democrats are already printing up T-shirts and signs saying “Make America Great Again. Dump Trump.” The media will spend their time on that next campaign doing overkill on covering the lawsuits Trump will be filing to protect his trademark on the Make America Great slogan. If we do Make America Great Again, it will be an hysterical miracle!


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