Sixth Favorite

What is your sixth favorite color? My ten year old granddaughter Zofia recently asked me that question. I did not pause to develop favorite colors three through five. Instead, I scanned my mind for an offbeat or fictional color that would cement my reputation as a quick wit. But I was distracted by the absurdity of the question. Everyone has a favorite color as required by President Calvin Coloridge’s 1925 Executive Order. I chose “green” as an elementary school student, ignoring the more prestigious primary colors and posturing as a fan of the color of life in nature. Secretly I was actually obsessed with the color of money. Like many, I chose a voluntary second favorite color in case humans eventually destroyed all the green in nature and turned green money into bitcoin. My back-up “purple” color represents Royalty. I wanted to grow up to be King but Queen Elizabeth has been clinging to the Crown.

I should not be surprised that my granddaughter has a “sixth favorite color” because she and her closest half dozen classmates have been ranking their “best friends” since Kindergarten. The exciting part of that process is telling each other about the rankings. This absurdity erupts into predictable and continual infighting amongst the “best friends” whose favorite activities are drama, snubbing, and yelling. Several years ago, an epic playground screaming match between Zofia and Gracie attracted the attention of school authorities. I am a father to three sons and foolishly thought I could intervene and provide guidance to a granddaughter. I asked Zofia what she and Gracie were fighting about. Without a hint of embarrassment she replied, “We were yelling about who was the bigger brat.” I had the pleasure of informing her that they had both won that argument.

52 thoughts on “Sixth Favorite

  1. I so get this as the mother of 3 girls, being a girl myself and with half of my grandchildren being girls. An excellent ending that summed it all up. Ps – my 6th favorite color is rainbow, as that seems to be what 99.99 % of the kids in my class answer and I want to fit in.

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  2. Irish Setter Feathers. Redish, strawish with a touch of mud-ish. As sixth favorite. Not five shalt though iterate, nor seven.
    The best way to argue, discuss advise or commiserate with females of any age is not to.

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    1. The very day I posted this my sister-in-law K abandoned me during our regular weekend jog saying, “I can’t do this.” If she ever speaks to me again, I will try mansplaining how my devil’s advocacy on current political issues is good for her.

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  3. Claiming dibs on sixth comment for this post.

    What an original question and a gem! I have never seen such a question in my life. It requires considering both qualitative favourites (art) and organisation (logic).

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    1. Like your dibs πŸ™‚

      I’m curious, Geoff, what was Zofia’s response about winning that argument? πŸ™‚

      And in a bit of trivia, I once saw a rating of the worst jobs in the ancient world. Topping it was making the color purple which apparently was done by grinding up squids. They claimed that nothing could describe that smell…

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      1. I have always felt guilty about helping to spoil Zofia. At the time of that incident, she was furious at me for not being 100% loyal to her. Four years later she and some of her cousins are spending the week at my house and I just asked Zofia about how she remembered that fight. She could only smile about it now and her cousins laughed because they know her so well.

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  4. Roy. G. Biv says there are no losers. But lets be dull and wishy-washy and I’ll say grey?
    That ‘brat’ quote deserves to be told at Zofia’s 21st. Should be cringe-inducing!

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  5. Haha! It seems like kids have all the time and energy in the world. If only they had the wisdom to save some for the years to come. And I’m usually stumped when asked about anything ‘favorite’. Yeah ‘I’m so done’ is my middle name. Zofia is tough competition, Geoff. Good luck! πŸ™‚

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  6. I picture some DJ calling friends’ list. Making a big move up the charts this week was Gwen to #4
    after giving me her chocolate chips. After a six-week run, Amy has dropped out of the Top Ten when she said my nails were ugly.

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  7. I don’t have a sixth favorite color. If it doesn’t come in one of my top five favorite colors, then I just don’t want it. Zofia is a real card. I will be looking for the “Zofia’s Best Friend” betting line on Yahoo Bets.

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  8. Just ask her how many colours there are altogether in the whole world. A rainbow has seven, but delving into the world of keen digital photographers who print their pictures reveals that their printers are calibrated for thousands of colours!

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  9. This required some research. I stopped having to think about my favorite color in 2000 when the Pantone people started naming a Color of the Year. I figured that my favorite color should be chosen by professionals. Besides, it’s the 21st century, and its so much more efficient for everyone to agree on the same favorite color. My 6th favorite color was in 2005: Pantone 15-5217, Blue Turquoise. I am now up to my 23rd favorite color: Pantone 17-3938, Verizon Peri. I can’t wait til next year when I find out what my 24th favorite color is.
    Maybe Zophia and her friends should come up with a similar system where each girl takes a turn as everyone’s best friend. Or do little girls not think that way?

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  10. My 6th favorite color is Crayola’s lemon yellow. It used to be number 3, then it rose to number 1 when Crayola discontinued it, because the heart always wants what it can’t have. It slipped to 6 because even after writing a strongly worded letter to the company, they have not reinstated it and eventually the heart starts to give up. It might slip to 7th. I’ll keep you posted.

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