I have always recognized the culling of the herd. Mother Nature does it with weather disasters that wipe out people and food supplies. Human Nature does it with wars and genocide. Supernature does it with raptures and extraterrestrial kidnappings. While running with the herd, I was always a little sad to see the culled go but I was busy stampeding. After emerging from another restroom stop the other day, I asked my wife which way the herd went. She shrugged her shoulders. I squinted and saw a dust storm in the distance. How did they get so far ahead of us? She was amazed I could actually see them. It sure was more fun being in the herd than being in the cull.

19 thoughts on “Culling

  1. Full speed ahead, Geoff! You’ve said a lot on behalf of the herd that is and was. It’s something to be a part of it and also wander far from it. The culled had their own time and stories. That’s the wonder of life and death. 🙂

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