Survivor Tools

Humans have short term survival instincts. The long game has logic to it but immediate needs are urgent in the moment when perceived well being is at stake. Since the cooperation of others is needed for our own survival, humans have perfected many techniques to procure alliances. The LOVE approach is aimed at those held close. It relies on a positive response to the “If you love me” pressure. The JUSTICE appeal targets a broader audience that includes authority figures. This is rooted in the logic of what is fair. The POWER card is played against those who are weaker. The threat can be either subtle or direct. The PITY tactic can be used on almost anyone if you do not mind groveling. The DEBT collection can even be employed on enemies as long as you have a persuasive IOU. A five tool player in baseball is a rare find who excels at hitting, power, speed, fielding, and throwing. Likewise humans who can manipulate others with love, justice, power, pity, and debt are equally rare five tool survivors. Sometimes they are just known as “tools.” I have long advocated for a sixth tool of humor but so far everyone thinks I am just tooling around.

18 thoughts on “Survivor Tools

  1. I had a student post an evaluation of me online, and I recall him/her using the word tool. At first I was upset, but now it looks like I should take it for the high praise it was meant to convey…

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