Based on a True Story

I could upgrade my postings with better material but a few more people would have to die or I would need to be famous enough that the acclaim would justify embarrassing or slandering some of the living. The catch 22 is that I cannot get famous (or infamous) without first using the edgier material. I can speak more freely than I can write because the words are not frozen in print. I can respond to hearsay by saying I was misquoted. I have spent a good deal of my life rationalizing the past into skewered narratives that justify my actions in a self serving way. My middle son says I am good at doing this, so I include that talent on my LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements page because so few entries reside there. I recently attended a post pandemic (is that term premature?) dinner party of nine and became part of the entertainment. I can say my wife and I were hilarious storytellers. The other seven witnesses cannot contradict that because none of them read my Blog. My wife did an hysterical imitation of our 13 year old granddaughter putting on makeup on a Facetime call while explaining rapid fire how she “had a crush on Allie long before my best friend Evie but Evie thinks she was crushing on him first but he held my hand when I was afraid to ride the elevator at the mall and he has a twin sister who is my best friend…” Live listeners can feed off each other’s laughter and facial expressions. Or maybe the wine makes everything funnier. So I would like to encourage readers to get together in groups and read my posts over drinks. I think this will improve my writing.

12 thoughts on “Based on a True Story

    1. During my toast at my Dad’s 80th birthday, my brother Kevin interrupted, “Why does everything always have to be about you.” Best line of the night. The only thing worse than being a narcissist is being a self aware narcissist. I will say that you practice what you preach in writing about things other than yourself.

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  1. Well, I enjoy your posts quite a bit. As a teetotaler, I will have to only imagine what I am missing by not reading your posts over drinks. But wait! There’s always the Koolaid.

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  2. there’s nothing like a good beer while sitting down to read such entertaining writing. perhaps you should go on the road like Tom Hanks did in News of the World, only you change it to reading your blogs…

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