Berry Colorful

Blackberries and blueberries are still named after their colors. But they may not be able to hold on to that distinction for long. Green berries have been relabeled banana berries for marketing purposes. Banana is botanically a berry but is now greedily annexing green berries. The Green Berry in Coral Gables was rebranded to Banana Berry in 2019, presumably because green equates to unripe in fruit. Pinkberry is a yogurt chain. Corporate naming is taking over everywhere. This is not just aesthetically displeasing but jacks up product prices to cover advertising costs. Look what happened to stadiums and arenas. We get KFC Yum! Center in Louisville and Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi. Eventually college football teams will be playing in the Kohler Toilet Bowl. Red could not hold onto any of its berries. The early English Barrister firm of Straw, Rasp, and Holly was awarded those berry prefixes as part of their fee in a legal dispute between Appleby and Appleton Farms. Many other colors like purple and orange sold out their berry names to the cannabis industry. Despite pledging to fight against Corporate encroachment until they are black and blue, rumors persist that Johnnie Walker Blackberries and IBM Blueberries are coming soon.


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