One of the reasons I never have enough time to accomplish anything is the urgency of living. If I do not breathe every few seconds, I will literally die. So I am consumed every minute of every day just breathing. Sure, I can multi task like most people. Finding and eating food, hydrating, grooming, sleeping, and performing other necessary bodily functions are all juggled concurrently with breathing. Trying to overlay an array of more complicated human activities into the existence equation can become mind numbing. I drift aimlessly, wandering through the mundane. I think I am in the Samsara desert. Samsara is another concept I know nothing about, so is a perfect topic for me. Composing words about something I already know is boring. So I concentrate on blogging my ignorance just like some people tweet their ignorance. This adds excitement to my transmigration and allows me to relate to others who publicly purge their faulty emptiness throughout their life and rebirth cycle. Ironically the world often rewards this behavior with riches, titles, and fame. I am fairly certain that Indian religions linking Samsara to karma are very much opposed to the worshiping and parading of ignorance. But I just do not know. I am too busy breathing right now to do any actual research. My new fancy Fitbit counts my breaths and I am going for a personal record today.


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