Lent Deferral

Ash Wednesday was yesterday but I fell behind and did not post about it. In fact, I have filed for an extension and plan to observe Lent in August when I have more time and can complete it in less than 40 days. I could not parade around with ashes on my forehead anyway because I recall a stern Biblical warning about performing religious acts only to attract the attention of others. While researching my extension petition, I was disheartened to find another admonition: “Let us not be taken unawares by the day of our death, looking in vain for leisure to repent.” I know I am a narcissist who thinks everything is about me but that Bible does always seem to be speaking directly to me.


2 thoughts on “Lent Deferral

  1. Ironic, isn’t it, the Gospel reading recently asked us to avoid the ostentation of the Pharisees by not drawing attention to our religious devotion. And, then, on Ash Wednesday, we parade about with starling black crosses inked on our foreheads.


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