Suspicious Old Man

When time came to drive home my granddaughter’s second grade classmate from a play date, the two girls bolted out the door. They claimed they were running to the friend’s house and started up the steep hill. Normally I would call their bluff because I like exercise. But we were under time constraints and my granddaughter would eventually lose interest in completing the very hilly two mile round trip. But the girls took off and I could not coax them into my old truck while driving along side them on our block. So I drove ahead two street crossings and parked illegally on a side street right in front of the stop sign. My hazard lights encouraged other vehicles to go around me. Eventually the girls were at the point of crossing in front of my truck. A left turner was waiting and waving at them to cross. After they lurched back and forth in confusion, I began screaming at them to get in the car in a manner menacing enough to be mistaken for a tornado warning siren. The girls finally scrambled into the truck. I was now furious that I left a kidnapping trail. Hopefully the left turner has thrown away my license plate number after not hearing about any missing children in the past week. My lesson learned is to start dressing better and shaving when I am babysitting.


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