James Jeans

According to Fred Hoyle’s book “Ten Faces of the Universe,” James Jeans stirred up an ongoing controversy when he gave a lecture at the University of Cambridge in 1930. He merely referenced the previous century discussions about communicating with potential Martians by lighting chains of bonfires in the Sahara Desert to form a diagram illustrating the Pythagorean Triangle. The selection of mathematics as the most suitable language of the Universe suggested a concept of God as a mathematician. This idea was denounced by religious leaders and philosophers who were threatened by the concept of God as any type of a scientist, whether a biologist, geologist, chemist, or engineer. I was never good at the study of any science or philosophy and always leaned toward the unpopular theory that God was a lawyer. James Jeans did not originally shy away from pure scientific and philosophical considerations but eventually sold out to commercial interests. Most of us only remember him for his James Jeans clothing line. I certainly hope his lawyer negotiated a profitable royalty agreement for his descendants.

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