Favorite Numbers

Naogi Higashide, a young non verbal autistic writer, was quoted in the August 7th Time Magazine as identifying “3” as his favorite number. He explained that “1” is the most important number (“proof that something is there”), “0” is the amazing discovery of the nothingness (“proof of human civilization”), and “2” allows us to divide and “put numbers in order.” He is “enchanted” by “3” because it was not needed and a great creative expression. Most everyone is asked about favorite colors and numbers. My favorite color green has always clearly enjoyed favored status but numbers were less constant. My earliest favorite was “4” because the baseball player Duke Snider wore it. Over the years that preference lost significance while green as the color of life has the same basic appeal it always had. I have flirted with the number “12” but am not entirely sure why, perhaps a fascination with the concept of a dozen. Lately I have been enamored with “13” since my clan definitively grew to that size on October 7, 2011. But that is a fluid number. It could grow but the first change is likely to be a subtraction to “12” and unfortunately I am the logical person to cause such a change. Reading Higashide’s comments made me yearn for a favorite number with an unusual backstory that would make me look cool or at least intellectual. Maybe it could be a fraction or have one in it. I could use 3.14159 but that number never ends. I love prime numbers and a high one would be unusual for a favorite number. I am thinking three digits would be easy to say but high enough to be impressive. So “211” is my choice as both prime and also my IQ. Wait, no, “211” is actually my SAT Verbal score.

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