Rat in the Pool

On Tuesday, I herded four grandchildren to the community pool. After we were in the water about 35 minutes, a youngster in the deep end scrambled out screaming, “There’s a rat in the Pool.” He and his brother continued yelling “Rat in the Pool” over and over for so long that I was actually more annoyed at the piercing shrieks than the possibility of a rat in the water. Their horrified and embarrassed mother was first on the scene and assured the two high school aged lifeguards that it was just a leaf. The two lifeguards continued moving toward the commotion in slow motion, each apparently trying to be second to arrive. The mother began making eye contact with the other adults and mouthing in a stage whisper, “Don’t worry, it’s just a leaf.” She so wanted it to be a leaf. But it was not. I heard it was small, so presume the unwelcome visitor was a mouse. The 80 year old Club Manager arrived and supervised the funeral, sprinkled some magic powder in the Pool, and advised that swimming could resume if testing in an hour was successful. Our group left as did others. SeaTac Airport had recorded no measurable rain since June 14 and so we had the unlikely Puget Sound experience of swimming in a lake or pool every single day since June 24th. We were not desperate enough to swim more, given the imagery of Rat in the Pool!


13 thoughts on “Rat in the Pool

  1. so kids will happily go swimming in a lake, blissfully unaware of what creatures might be floating around. but see such a creature in a pool, they freakout.

    and I want to know what’s in that magic powder…

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  2. When my youngest niece was about five years old, her father (my brother) and his wife brought their four kids to Salt Lake City. We went swimming in the pool at the hotel where they were staying. There was another couple in there, with their late teenage aged son. I was in charge of supervising my little niece and she was showing me how she could swim and splashing around.

    Suddenly my sister in law leapt out of the pool and whispered something to my brother, and he said in a very loud voice “EVERYBODY OUT OF THE WATER!” The other couple and their son had left the area. In the far end of the pool, not quite in the deep end, was a big ol’ poop floating around there. That’ was the most disgusting thing I think I’ve ever encountered in a pool. That older boy obviously had some issues because his father came and apologized to my brother and his wife later. They sure needed that magic powder stuff that day! (UGGGH).

    I think they ended up draining the pool and power washing it down before they’d open it again. My nieces were all very disappointed that their swim was cut so short. I think I’d have taken a mouse…

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