SAT Adversity Score

An extreme hiker who lives in the wilderness near me is known for the Suffering Index he uses to rate local hikes by calculating things like elevation gain per mile and insect bites per hour. Half the hikers who use the Index find the higher suffering routes as desirable tests of fitness. I represent the other half of his readers who study the ratings in an effort to avoid suffering. The College Board is so impressed that they have adopted key elements of the Suffering Index into their new SAT “adversity score” program. They calculate 15 factors on an Environmental Context Dashboard which addresses a student’s home life, community and school system, and local crime and poverty rates. The total on a scale of 100 adds up to a disadvantage level. According to Time Magazine, students do not see their adversity score or know how it influences their admission results. I assume exceptions will be made for those who participate in bribery programs.


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