I wrote a blog titled Twins last September 1st about my brother Kevin who looked enough like me that we were sometimes mistaken for each other. After he died, I felt like that part of our earthly connection was over. But last Wednesday, while in a Mexican restaurant with my granddaughter, I was approached by another customer who asked me if I was a Stamper. I knew the answer but was slow to respond while I quickly weighed the risks of admitting to my surname. I answered affirmatively and he introduced himself as Ravi and said he had worked with Kevin. He gave me details that indicated he was involved in Kevin’s last ventures. I confirmed Kevin was my brother and said we were sometimes accused of being twins. I asked if my appearance was what gave me away. Ravi said yes but apparently Kevin had also mentioned he had a brother living not far from where Ravi’s family had moved. So he had more logic behind his query than if our paths crossed somewhere out of state. My sister-in-law was amazed at the encounter and confirmed that Ravi was a great guy. I probably would not have been bold enough to make inquiries of a stranger on flimsy circumstantial evidence. But then Kevin and I knew our differences so well that we never fully understood how much alike we were. I will be flattered by any future comparisons because Kevin is no longer aging and I have grown heavier as I carry him around with me.


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