January 5th

January 5th is a big day in our family because two grandchildren share that birthdate. No Unites States President was born on January 5th, although we cannot be absolutely sure about Barack Obama. Only two Presidents were even born in the first four weeks of January: Millard Fillmore (7th) and Richard Nixon (9th). Calvin Coolidge died on January 5th and one Vice President (Walter Mondale) was born on January 5th. Likewise, famous people and celebrities born on this date are only pedestrian B Lister types you might expect to see on Dancing with the Stars or The Apprentice. So we are excited about the possibility that Sebastian (age 19) and Noemi (age 15) could become preeminent superstars of the January 5th Club. All they need to do is become President, cure cancer, or be the first to walk on Mars. The possibilities are endless. I like to think they are talented enough to pull something big out of the Birthday Hat. Maybe they can wipe out my disappointment at losing (so far) the battle for most prominent person born on August 20th to wimpy President Benjamin Harrison.


41 thoughts on “January 5th

  1. if it makes you feel any better, this is what happens on my birthdate:
    Famous November 18th birthdays include actor Owen Wilson and baseball slugger David Ortiz. Also: Mickey Mouse Day and National Princess Day.
    I have no doubt that your two will make their mark on the world.

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    1. What a shock to find this post published. I vaguely remembered pre-scheduling one for January 5th about 10 months ago and planned to look it up and delete it when I got home on January 2nd or maybe rewrite it into the unfolding comedy drama surrounding my granddaughter’s upcoming Quinceanera (however that is spelled). Best laid plans of mice and cheese.

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  2. Grandson Grant’s 8th birthday is January 5th. There’s three kids on the 1 oh 5 change the the world train. In his honor I think they should make it Selective Hearing or your Lips Are Moving But I’m Not Listening Day.

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      1. Back atcha! I gave up pushing to post, even if it’s in the can. Used to be I’d flog myself to put something up, but life that’s not behind glass comes first. Have a great ‘23.


  3. Happy New Year, Michelle. I was looking forward to reading Bloggers I follow as soon as I get my life under control but since the forecast for that is “never,” hopefully I will be back reading and writing sometime in 2023 instead.


  4. I think it’s on you to come to terms with your own birthdate bonanza of non-goings-ons. But the kids will probably refuse to accede to any birthdate pressures of society, as is the wont of these newer generations…so brace yourself accordingly.

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  5. Glad to see you here in the new year, Geoff. Happy Birthday to the young ones. I’m sure they’ll mark their paths some way or the other. And I’d bet my money on you any day. Hope to see you again soon. 🙂

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  6. Happy Birthday to Sebastian and Noemi. 🎂 I have no idea who I share my birthday with but Number One on the Top Ten chart that day was “Rock Around the Clock” AND the parish priest was singing and playing it on a piano in the hospital vestibule when I came into the world. I have no idea why there was a piano in the hospital vestibule but it was a very small town. Maybe the hospital vestibule doubled as the town hall.

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  7. I don’t know how you did it, but you did make “pedestrian” sound like a respected profession or a coveted position of some sort. And who is Benjamin Harrison and why do you call him wimpy? I just checked out Benjamin Harrison in wikipedia.

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