Confessions of Apath

Sam Mule and Ella Fant no longer get along.

Sam is stubborn ugly and Fant cannot forget.

One can be right only if other is dead wrong.

My friends and kin ask me not to shut the door yet.

But I lack energy to watch or pick a side.

I have no patience now that I exceed old age

Some fight on and others have gotten sick or died,

Leaving survivors with politics of bold rage.

I now trade in my disguise of faux empathy

And admit to being a sad and useless fool,

Wearing my scratchy cloak of listless apathy

While dogpaddling around that pathetic cesspool.

Sammy and Ella beg me daily for money

To buy my vote with ads of big lies and dumb hate.

I would find this so ironic and more funny

Except I live in an apathetic numb state.

Note: This Form of Poetry known as Crime Rhyme is typically found in preschool books, advertising jingles, and on restroom walls. This past February, Tom Brady and I looked foolish announcing our retirement, so I am calling my upcoming absence as just another break. My family needs me to spend more time meddling in their lives, although they do not realize it yet.


61 thoughts on “Confessions of Apath

  1. Understood. At the moment the whole planet, not just the country, is big enough for the two who wade kneedeep through the zoo. What used to be entertaining is now bestial. I can’t blame you from needing a rest from this pathetic circus shi- side show.

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  2. I had to do some research to understand this poem, but eventually clued in to the American political references (I’m Canadian). Not sure if “Except I live in an apathetic numb state” is you, or the place you live in – though if you are like my cousin who owns a fruit and vegetable market in Seattle, things have gone all to hell for the little business person just trying to earn a living!
    Hope you eventually start writing in your blog again!

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    1. Tom Brady and I have a lot in common. He has won 7 NFL Super Bowls. I have won 5 Fantasy Football Super Bowls. His wife is divorcing him and mine threatens to divorce me when I spend too much time on Fantasy Football.

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  3. Meddle away. By the way, Brady just announced he had no regrets about coming out of retirement. I think we need a comment from you.

    For the record, Brady has more money than either of us, but we’re still married.

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    1. Brady may regret it later on. During the rehearsal events for my wedding, my future father-in-all (who was at the end of his second of three marriages) remarked to me, “I sure screwed things up, didn’t I?” I could have said “yes” but let it stand as a rhetorical question.

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      1. Better not to kick a man when he’s down. (That expression sounds dumb as I’m writing it because it suggests it’s okay to kick a man when he’s upbeat. How much sense does that make?)🀣

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  4. A fool said I’m done
    All were relieved
    A Jester said I’m done
    And all were peeved
    Now you say retire
    Breaking a lot of hearts
    I did the same at the theater
    By cutting some broccoli farts
    Tally ho, farewell, happy trails
    We all wave goodbye
    Was it the broccoli or you
    Brought the tear to our eye
    Some say yes indeed
    You’ll be terribly missed
    Them as like me
    Will be sorely pissed

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  5. There are high level meddlers and low level meddlers, but I have worked hard to be a middle meddler. You might say that I have proved my mettle as a middle meddler. Or is it muddler. I get them confused.

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