Confessions of Whiplasher

Broca’s Brain sat on my desk for a week as a prompt for last Saturday’s post but I could not remember why. Since I was downsizing Carl Sagan’s book, I finally blogged about hoarding. But the intended and now recalled storyline was Spirit Rapping as referenced on page 48. Margaret and Kate Fox were 14 and 11 year old sisters who became a sensation in 1848 for receiving coded messages from the Spirit World. As their fame grew, credible investigations debunked the authenticity and Margaret confessed on October 21, 1888, before 2000 spectators at the New York Academy of Music. She demonstrated how she made the rapping sounds by cracking her toe joints, a skill she and her sister perfected after years of practice when they were young with pliable joints. They also used power of suggestion with wealthy clients who wanted to believe. Margaret later recanted her confession as the sisters descended into poverty. Still after all the scientific debunking, failed investigations, and the confessional performance, many who had been deceived refused to accept the fraud. Even today, some consider the Fox Spirit Rapping as real. Sagan’s take: “People are rarely grateful for a demonstration of their credulity.” I am not so gullible to naively trust Sagan, so I conducted my research on Wikipedia. Meanwhile, I am tutoring my 11 year old granddaughter Zofia (a notorious knuckle cracker) on the fine art of big toe and ankle cracking because she will need a career in something other than Math or Music.

In unrelated news, Adam continues to insist that he was never told not to eat forbidden fruit in Eden. Furthermore, he never ate any fruit and never offered any to Eve. While she was eating fruit, he claims he was out secretly hunting animals.


37 thoughts on “Confessions of Whiplasher

  1. So many myths to be debunked, hoaxes to be exposed, and bones to be popped and cracked. When do you get the time to write about it all, Geoff. Are the spirits communicating through you? We all need a little help. 🙂

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  2. you could be a stage grandfather one day, if you two can get your act together and make a fortune as zofia’s agent. how great to have ‘spirit rapper’ written on your business card, and imagine the tax deductions!

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  3. I’m afraid Spirit Rapper would carry an entirely different connotation these days, and while I am tempted, I will forego the half dozen or so modern visions that jumped into my brain. I did run into someone I’d known in the way back who managed to obtain a high school diploma as a result of parental contributions and a modest athletic ability, who spent a great deal of time developing a reverence for and expounding the fandom of Edgar Cayce and vitamins. Now, here’s one without a Wiki – Why do psychics only come in one size? They are ALL mediums. Imagine how much more Ouija board damage could be done by a physic of the 2XL caliber. top or bottom bunk, debunk or mobunk, the cosmic radio is on. Some are endowed with a better antenna. And many are frauds. Personally? I avoid the Springsteen channel on satellite radio like it was the plague. All that stuff about sauerkraut hotdogs, male hair dye, foreign postage stamps and the King of planet Fartoff 29 they recorded backwards on all those songs? I’ll get my information through a stainless-steel colander hat, thank you.

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    1. I sure wish Edgar Cayce had been more interested in getting rich off his “gift” since I am related to him. If he had gotten the whole family involved in a bigger enterprise, maybe some of the dividends would have trickled down to me.

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      1. I am really sorry that’s been happening. I expect the overlords will want screenshots and/or error messages, etc. And it’s only you, as far as I know. I don’t know what makes you so special.

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      2. Yeah, I am pretty sure it is only me, not only because I am a technology dinosaur but also I have to use different devices when I travel. I have been on a break on Orcas Island for the last four days. Hopefully I will find my way home.

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  4. Kind of distantly related to toe cracking, I used to grind my teeth while twisting my ear. People fell for it, as I used a flourish to keep them focused on my hand twisting my ear, not the subtle jaw movement. Since I now wear full dentures, alas the trick is gone from my repertoire. By the way, Geoff, Sher and I are visiting in your area for a while with our daughter, son-in-law and 8 YO grandson.

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    1. Ha, I have built similar tricks around wiggling my ears. And yes, I saw on your site how you were back in my neighborhood. I am just now returning from Orcas Island on a mini four day adventure like the longer ones you take.

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  5. I have enough trouble decoding messages from the real world, so I gotta pass on getting deeply involved in trying to reach out to the spirit world. I figure since we had a whole bunch of candy to hand out at Halloween those spirits got their fill, so we’re good.

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