Why Writing Is So Important

[Excerpted and reformatted five paragraphs of a guest essay; cut words to meet this site’s 300 word limit]

Hello fellow humans! Do you know why writing is so important in our everyday lives?

(1) Writing can save lives….you can spell out “help” if needed. People will see this message and rush to help you.

(2) You can get clues on a criminal. Someone [can write] down what the criminal looked like or did. This can help people track them down.

(3) You can write down….your address, where you put your keys, etc….If you write down your location….you will be safer because if you get lost, people will know where you went and come and get you.

(4) Expressing yourself [lets] out your feelings on paper.

(5) Write letters to other people about serious stuff instead of telling them because it’s easier and much less awkward….If you have a crush on someone, you could hand them a note saying that you like them….It is much less awkward if you get rejected.

(6) You can write a family recipe….expressing your family history.

(7) Many people can’t talk….so they have to write things down.

(8) Sometimes [written] words are simply easier to understand. Some people would rather read instructions than have someone explain it to them. That is totally [okay]. You can read [words] repeatedly….If you don’t understand [them] the first time, you can just re-read.

That’s all for now but I will see you in the next 5 paragraph essay. But tell me….what do YOU think about writing?

Zofia (Grade 4 Essay)

[I wish I had learned all of these tips in elementary school. Maybe it would have helped me get notes from fourth grade girls telling me they liked me.]


49 thoughts on “Why Writing Is So Important

    1. I think the fourth grade girls were put off by all the scotch tape holding my glasses together. The eighth grade girls did not think I bathed enough but when I corrected that, it did not seem to help.

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  1. She writes better, more direct, than 97% of the internet content hacks and 99.8% of the Indie publishing on any of the online platforms. If she learns to parse literature by 8th grade and picks up even a modest ability to play a musical instrument she’ll be dangerous. I particularly liked her take on instructions and looking for information in the written word. That’s real mind work.

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  2. Unfortunate that the 4th grade girls missed out on nice notes from you. πŸ™‚
    What do I think of writing? I think that I would be in very sad shape if I broke my hand and couldn’t write. Would greatly miss it!

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  3. The doctor told my wife and I that as we get older and forget things, we should write down what we are going to do so we will remember.
    So the other day, while watching tv, I told my wife I was going into the kitchen to get a ham sandwich. She asked for some potato salad and juice from the fridge, and I said, “No problem.”
    She also said I should write it down so I would not forget.
    I said, “That’s silly. I can remember potato salad and juice.”
    About ten minutes later, she called out, “Are you still in the kitchen?”
    As I walked back with some cherries and soda, I said, “Yes, I’ve got what I went for.”
    She said, “Where’s my saltines and cottage cheese?” πŸ˜‚

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    1. By fourth grade the kids at Zofia’s school are very well trained in the five paragraph essay format: the introduction of their thesis, three good reasons, and the summation. They are way ahead of me already.

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  4. Our ancestors took so many millennia to invent the things we take for granted because they forgot to invent writing first. Ideas were lost or misunderstood over and over again. Passing explanations of nuclear fission through songs round the camp fire just didn’t work.

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  5. Some excellent observations. She appears to exhibit far too little attitude to include items like “Writing is important because without Writing there would be no airplaning just like without Fording there would be no driving.

    I would love to repeat elementary school with my current aging grump attitude. At least if I was guaranteed to pass.

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  6. Zofia writes wonderfully and I am quite convinced of the importance of writing now, although I had my doubts before. I especially echo with the one about shy people–if one is shy, one would opt for writing rather than speaking. And probably shy people invented writing in the first place…

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