Until We Meet Again

After almost six years of Blogging (daily until six weeks ago), I am retiring to spend more time with Tom Brady’s family.

Although not readily apparent, I have learned so much. I was pleasantly surprised to find I enjoyed poetry and cooking posts. Blogs featuring photographs, music, and artwork were spectacular. The storytellers touched every emotion. The commentary was fascinating, although I could not agree with it all. I cannot acknowledge everyone who impacted me because I still “type” with one finger and a 300 word limit.

I was disappointed to find people who were funnier than me. I laughed out loud at the jokes, puns, cartoons, and controversies over “likes” and statistics. I did not participate in the challenges because I cannot tell the difference between a pingback and a ping pong ball but I enjoyed the creative responses.

I was frustrated I could not post some stories that belong partially to other people. Perhaps the passage of time will eventually allow for respectfully negotiated privacy intrusions in some other venue. I am not qualified to give advice but endorse the views of those who advocate quality over quantity. I leaned into quantity only because it was easier than carefully crafting, editing, and eliminating redundancies. But I was truly impressed by those who produced quality original content, and of course, by those with the courage to pour their lives on the page and inspire others with encouragement and lessons learned.

I genuinely appreciate anyone who visited, read, skimmed, did not read, liked, secretly disliked, commented, and/or followed me. So I basically loved you all, except maybe not the bots because, well, they are only bots. Still they are more amusing and less annoying than flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. Right? 😎


81 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again

  1. Happy trails, young man! Your posts have been a moment of humorous perspective and great writing for me every day and your storytelling will be missed. I wish you the best in all you have ahead of you. Best wishes to you and your family, my friend!

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  2. I will miss your daily blogs! I looked forward to your witty thoughts every day! I just figured out how to comment or I would have commented more over the years. 😳 Take care my friend❤️

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  3. Your “almost six years of Blogging” has been a part of my morning routine for “almost six years” but I feel like I got almost twelve years of enjoyment out of it. As an old bear I’m not looking forward to the readjustment, but I thank you for the good times and all the memories. Time to write another book!

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  4. I guess this is goodbye? 🤓
    Really, methinks this is a Stamper prank – and not just because of the Tom Brady tie-in. But if this is the end of your blogging, I will set up a Google search alert for you and anxiously await the official auto-bituary.

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  5. We never know when to take you seriously, but I’m assuming this is a sincere post (except for Tom Brady’s family.) I have been following you for less than a year, but you have given me my fair share of hilarity as a guy who likes to laugh. My best to you and your family. It just occurred to me that this may be out of the Tom Brady playbook, and you’re only retiring for three weeks. 😊

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    1. Dear Geoff,

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on my latest post entitled “🤭😜 Speech Error: Anti-Proverb, Perverb, Malapropism, Eggcorn, Yogi-isms, Spoonerism, Sreudian Flip 🤪😂” offering you the rich buffet of some hilarious bloopers and blunders.

      I concur with Pete Springer about whether you are being completely serious, for I am quite surprised that you “still “type” with one finger and a 300 word limit”, considering how frequent you have been publishing blog posts, and assuming that you are not being facetious about your typing speed.

      I would hereby like to celebrate your six years of blogging milestone and resonate with your friendly spirit and creative energy with the following statement by Robert Louis Stevenson:

      We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.

      Like you, I hope that I have contributed in my own multidisciplinary ways to knowledge and wisdom, as outlined in the “About” page of my multifaceted blog, which you are very welcome to peruse and comment on.

      Wishing you and Pete a productive weekend doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most, whether aesthetically, physically, intellectually or spiritually!

      Yours sincerely,

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      1. Thank you Sound Eagle for your comment. You do indeed provide a buffet of delicious posts on your site. While I do enjoy exaggerating for effect, I can assure you I type with just one finger. Like anything one does everyday for decades, I have learned how to type surprisingly fast given the handicap. I could never earn a living typing but since I am composing while typing, I do not need as much speed.

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  6. Now I’m down to three blogs to follow. I won’t fawn, but will say tenacity has its merits. And its pitfalls. Sucks to rehearse in public for so long and not walk with at least a Pulitzer or a Netflix series. Unlike Brady, you don’t seem to have lost a step a year for the last few but there was a definite rudder malfunction. The best lesson from fans is not praise, but understanding nobody wants ballads from Led Zeppelin. If you’re gone, write often, edit oftener. 😳

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  7. If you are giving up on pummeling the keyboard, take it from one who tried to walk away. You’ll -most likely- be backkkkkk. WordPress ain’t perfect but it does keep like (Like?) minded people connected.
    Should you return, if this is not a late April Fool jape, please leave a message, your call is important to us…

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      1. Yeah, I find working away at WP for little reward outside a handful of fellow followers a bit pointless at times. Then I throw my ballpoint in the air all melodramatic-like, swear off putting my lousy two bits worth in, kick the cat and the keyboard. But then the world offers up a nice inflated ego to puncture or humanity proves once again its inanity- and off we go again.

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  8. Although I found you “late” in your blogging career, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts, your humor, your fantastic insights. I hope it’s a “pause” and not a “stop”, I’ll miss the daily nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for sharing them, and do come back!

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  9. After 11 years I’ve gotten burned out with blogging. I did not post every day but ideas are coming less and less frequently now and I’m enjoying my wood carving and the serenity that comes with it. I will post a few times a month as I do not want to let my network evaporate. Return visits to bloggers have gotten too burdensome and eat up too much of my day. Age and illness and the deaths of loved ones have taken the joy out of much of living and certainly diminish creativity. Some friends have suggested I am isolating. I’ve replied that I am not isolating at all. I just want to engage less and be left alone.

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  10. Hey Geoff, April Fool’s over, you know that!!

    But well, if you’ve decided to taking off some time enjoy it with being your family(Yes I still believe you’ll come back soon😊) Thank you for laugh, chuckle, interesting and unique topic you’ve shared with me.

    Best wishes,


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  11. Geoff, I, too hope this is one of your futile attempts at humor 😉, and that we will see you here again, at least occasionally. And you can always post stories about other people as long as you change some details like their name or planet (to protect the guilty). I will keep you in my prayers for as long as my old brain remembers your interactions with Lemmingolians, your brother, and all of us in the blogosphere.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  12. Your posts were always good for a laugh or two, or three. I’m also a fan of quantity over quality, it’s much easier… Hopefully there will still be an occasional post or two, or three…

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  13. Well Geoff, here I am 6 days late. While I just couldn’t get into the last you wrote…I did truly enjoy reading your blog and you should know that before my podcast ends your words will be heard one final time on my podcast. Cheers Mate.

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      1. This version of my blog will be ending in the second week of November, to return under the guise TheArtOfM sometime in 2023.

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  14. Well it’s about time one of the bloggers I follow has had the courtesy to stop publishing. I have far too much to do and these blogs take so much time to read. The problem is that they are so enjoyable that I haven’t the self-control to quit on my own.

    Given that enough time has passed that you don’t appear to be kidding, be well. If you return, I will curse you for adding to my daily burdens but will nonetheless be here loving it anyway.

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  15. I wish I had found your blog sooner. Thanks for the laughs, and I do hope that you do surprise us with coming back sometimes. Or maybe this is just a big prank! Betsy set you up to it, didn’t she? She likes to stir up trouble. LOL!
    I do wish you and your family the best! Take Care!

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  16. Dear Geoff. In life’s ups and downs, I completely missed this post. It’s sad to see you leave the blogging world. Your posts were not only funny but had wonderful underlying messages. I’m sure you have a good reason to stop (or maybe it’s a long break). Thanks for sharing the words that you did. You spread a lot of laughter and that’s a priceless gift. Take care and see you around. 🙂

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