Another Job I Lost

The day after St. Patrick’s Day is usually my most embarrassing time of the year. When I am dressed all in wrinkled green on the day after, everybody knows I slept in my clothes. The fact that I Blog about it confirms my perverse Negative Attention Disorder.

I began taking my youngest grandchild Zofia to preschool at age two when the other three adults in the household were employed outside of the home. One day when I dropped her off, her teacher remarked that Zofia was wearing the same outfit as yesterday. I had not been paying attention because it was hard enough to get her fed and dressed in time for school. From our reactions, the teacher recognized that she was reprimanding us and quickly added how much she loved the outfit. I tried to make sure Zofia’s face was clean and that her clothes were not filthy but she refused to let me comb her hair. And she always looked better than me.

In Kindergarten, Zofia hated fabric touching her skin, so she would roll the stretchy pants or tights up above her knee. She was popular, so other girls started imitating her and I would be cringing and hiding when mothers were picking up their daughters after school.

In September at the beginning of Fourth Grade, she wore her father’s XXL polo shirt as a dress. When I blogged about it, I regretted not having the technical skills to post photos. One of my few rules has been that she wear some kind of shorts under a dress. Needless to say, I am no longer in charge of taking Zofia to school in the morning.


37 thoughts on “Another Job I Lost

  1. Thanks for the chuckle! In my former life, I taught preschool and I’m surprised that the teacher reacted as she did. You did a great job in responding how much Zofia liked the outfit. Reminds me of when my son refused to get dressed to go to preschool. I put him in his car seat and off we went. As he was heading up the steps – he said, I better get dressed now! And so he did – right in the parking lot!

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  2. Granddaughters and hair. Mine does hers with a blender. Her Nana bought her a pair of holy jeans and cutoffs that looked like they’d been in a tug of war between two Pit Bulls. She wore the jeans until her mom caught on about four days into the run. There was a joke told by a workmate of mine about John Wetton’s 20-year-old leather gig pants – “After the show he lies on the bed, (someone) pulls them off and they stand in the corner by themselves until he climbs a ladder and jumps down into them again.”

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  3. I think it’s better for you, Geoff. Zofia’s probably fine either way. Can’t comment about the others. Aren’t they the ones who just get in the way? Let a grandfather and granddaughter be. 🙂

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  4. Wearing her father’s clothes at 4th grade sounds so good because it means she loves her father so much! Well I don’t know if I could say congrats for retiring from Zofia’s personal morning stylist, but another job offer comes soon, like being private eye for her first boyfriend to see if that boy is great enough for precious Zofia!(Oh wait…you already got the one?)

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  5. Ha-ha! You should have told the teacher, “We’re trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for wearing clothes (unwashed) for the longest period—only 47 more days to tie the record!

    The only thing better than Zofia’s pant rolling would have been if you started a fashion trend for adults doing the same thing. 🤣

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  6. I so love and appreciate this post. as a pre-k teacher, mother of 3, and grandmother of 6, I’m a huge fan of pre-k fashion in every form, days in a row or not. sometimes it’s all you can do to get one of the to school on time.

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    1. I was concerned by the recent news item of a woman macing a man who was taking pictures of his own children when the security guard would not do anything. I am even more suspicious.


  7. I once had a co-worker who didn’t show up to work for a week and a day after St. Patrick’s day. By that time we’d all forgotten what he’d been wearing beforehand, but he didn’t smell great.

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    1. Every time Zofia’s mother criticizes my grandparenting, I remind her that her three children are all turning out so well in spite of me. If they go rogue, though, I’ll be blamed!


  8. I have to commend your laissez-faire approach to Zophia’s attire. My own mom took the same stance when it came to my questionable wardrobe choices. It takes a wise adult to give way to a kid’s freedom of expression.

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  9. Haha, the teacher is really paying attention. I have to say some women are very sensitive about what everybody is wearing. I can never remember who’s wearing what. However, one or two of my friends can remember what I wore the previous summer and asked me why I didn’t wear the outfit anymore. Can you believe that. Some people are just sensitive about this. We all pay attention to different things.

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