Jelly Bean Soufflé

I have finally evicted that Lemmingolian squatter from my site which was abandoned without safeguards. He is happily peddling his 100 Things all over the Universe. My lawyer advises me to post a few items and then shut down properly. So I am going to reminisce about the roundly delicious tradition of Easter Pi. We serve Egg Pi and Jelly Bean Pi at our brunches. Others prefer Peep Pi, sometimes known by the scientific shorthand 3.14. My eleven year old grandson Diego specializes in Cutie Pi and can bake it out to fifty digits. He recently demonstrated that talent to me right before his 14 year old sister arrived home. When she walked in, I asked Noemi if she knew what Pi was. When she responded, “3.14,” the room erupted with laughter. To me, the best Pi is 3.14159. I have long used those six digits as my universal password but that left brained Lem unscrambled the code in less time than it takes to poach an egg. So I have now updated my security with the unbreakable passcode of the last six digits of Pi.


34 thoughts on “Jelly Bean Soufflé

  1. I just saw an old Lettermen clip about a savant who held the record for having memorized the most digits of Pi. The record is now held by someone from India. (70,000+ digits) Haha! They might feed a guy pie just to shut him up.

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      1. So you don’t know is what you are saying, right? Hahaha Geoff that’s all you had to say … “I honestly don’t know, Rory”

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