15. Freebies

So many things on Earth are free. Vacations are not free but many vaccinations are. You can go to a library and read books for free. Cookie says his taxes fund libraries, so those books are not free. But he pays taxes whether he reads or not. I am not including free lunches that come with hidden strings. I am talking about waking up early to see the sunrise. Or sleeping in, taking a nap, or just breathing. Singing in the shower, listening to music, dancing. Going for a walk, smelling flowers, people watching. Listening to birds, looking for wildlife. Going to a public beach, wiggling feet in sand or water, swimming with friends. Stepping on crunchy leaves or popping bubblewrap. Attending a free concert or visiting a museum on free day. Doodling, writing in a journal, or blogging on a free platform. Building a snowman in the winter or fanning yourself on a hot day. Snuggling with your pet. Meditating, stretching, stargazing. Scratching an itch, hugging, making an apology. Laughing, looking at old photos. Putting on your favorite shirt straight from the dryer. Eating vegetables and fruit from your garden.

On Lemmingo we have no birds and we pay for air in Bubbledomes owned by the Hogg Cartel. Lemmingo air is thin and when the sandstorms swirl, you can barely breathe. The rich can move loved ones into a Domehome if they have trouble breathing. Some families save all year for a good airday inside one of the Amusodomes. On the plus side, only the Hogg Cartel can afford vehicles or health care, so Lemmingolians cannot complain about the high cost of gas or medical treatments. How odd that Earthlings sacrifice so much of their free stuff while engaging in complaint and fight competitions.


47 thoughts on “15. Freebies

  1. I have a brother who taught in Minnesota while I’m out here in California. When our students were pen-pals, we often used to send the letters along with vials of Minnesota air or California water.

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  2. Hopefully this is not the same Hogg cartel headed by Ima that funded museums, theaters, arboretums, mental health research foundations, symphony orchestras, ballet companies, architectural preservation and restoration efforts…
    However, the air quality issue and who can and who can’t afford it is reminiscent of “The Running Man”. Politics aside, it’s always a good day to screatch dogs’ ears and feel the sun on your back while you run a weed popper. No, that’s not a new kind of bong.

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    1. I am actually a cynic about “free.” I signed up for my free WordPress site thinking, “Yeah, we’ll see how long this is free or how difficult it will be to post without paying for upsell necessities, especially since I am technologically incompetent. I was more than willing to pay but everything has been working for almost six years. I do not know protocols, so if being a free rider is not cool, I am too dumb to hide that fact.

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      1. I don’t know why, but I use the premium version of WordPress; I think it’s $99 per year. I’m not sure if it gives me any benefits that I actually use vs the free version…

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      2. I pay for the upgrade because I like to do CSS customization and because it removes ads for readers who are not signed into a WordPress account. An ad free website – a freebie for some one, I suppose.

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  3. I don’t know why…but even the free things come with a certain price. Or is that my pessimistic attitude that should be free but costs me some of my peace of my mind. Good one, Geoff. πŸ™‚

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  4. As one educated in the school of economics, I must point out that every free activity you cite has a cost of other things you cannot do at the same time. The cost of watching the sunrise giving
    up the equally pleasurable act of sleeping in, for example. It is not called The Dismal Science for nothing.

    In the more general sense, I think the Cartel has been hard at work on free TV and radio entertainment.

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