Another Reason…

…To use a pseudonym when Blogging? Last week my youngest son Matt had a Zoom job interview with several members of a law firm. The ranking questioner came on camera while reading my Blog and observed that quite a few people were commenting on it. Matt usually claims I am his uncle but lying to interviewers is considered bad form. So I need to clarify for Blog readers and potential employers that Matt would be a brilliant addition to (read only the one that applies):

(1) any law firm, especially since his father’s Blog followers are constantly in need of legal help and are very wealthy;

(2) any day care facility, since he is a loving father figure to a daughter and two step children and knows how to get out of the way and let their mother be in charge;

(3) any elder care facility, since he lived at home before he got married and convinced his dates that he was caring for his elderly parents;

(4) any job in theater or philosophy, since he majored in the former at Tulane and in the latter at Seattle Pacific University;

(5) any ski resort, since he is an expert skier and would rather be on the slopes than practicing law or babysitting children or parents;

(6) any video game company, since he would be willing to work 15 hour days and ski on weekends.


47 thoughts on “Another Reason…

  1. So many options, the world is clearly his oyster. Though, as part of your blogging minion, I feel we could benefit from a legal counsel dedicated to our lot. We are certain to involve him in many theatrics, to keep him very busy, and perhaps heโ€™d still find time to get a bit of skiing in, in between court appearances.

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  2. If I were in the business of hiring lawyers, daycare workers, caregivers for the elderly, actors, skiers, or gamers, I’d hire him immediately. You write a great reference! Unfortunately, as it stands, I’ve also had to cut my budget for philosophy consulting.

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  3. I think there would be stiff competition for the last one. But then, life isn’t all fun and games (and skiing). Matt should probably stick to the legal side of life. You and your followers may need his help some day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I feel a lot of quarter-baked comments/thoughts (half-baked is the apex of my thought quality) but theyโ€™ll have to simmer a bit because Iโ€™m still stuck on the interviewer finding your blogโ€ฆ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“๐Ÿค“

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    1. I know I have three sons because everyone acknowledges they are real. Geoffrey Anne has a role in my book Suicide Squeeze so most people assume she is fictional. But I consider that book “based on a true story.”

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      1. In the Matrix [film series] you are given the option of taking the red pill or the blue pill … bet you are thinking you should have taken the other right ๐Ÿ™‚

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