Will Rogers Like Me?

I am often compared to Will Rogers if “often” is defined as “once or twice.” And if the following counts as a comparison: “Geoff is Will Rogers without the wit, wisdom, and coordination to ride a horse and do rope tricks.” But Rogers himself surely would have liked me because he claimed to have never met a man he did not like. Although if I had met Rogers, I might have become famous as that one man. He may have used the term “man” to include all humans and horses. Big deal. I never met an oatmeal raisin cookie I did not like. I have the reverse ability to dislike people I have never met. This is irrational because Kelly Ripa and I might hit it off if we met in person and she gifted me with a car. Or maybe like the plot device where enemies become best friends by the end of the movie, the neighborhood dogwalker and I may eventually meet and laugh about how she furtively guides animals to my yard for potty breaks. I know people who admit they disliked me at first impression but after getting to know me better, they can now pinpoint exactly why. In rarer cases, individuals have an immediate positive reaction when meeting me. Sometimes they tell me when or how that first impression eroded. But if they cannot get a word in edgewise, mostly they just quietly disappear.

31 thoughts on “Will Rogers Like Me?

  1. I think there’s a lot that people don’t know about you, Geoff. Or maybe jealousy blinds them. You’ve got all the qualities that a person could desire. This comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Neigh! 🙂

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  2. Isn’t blogging across the ocean wonderful; we can like you without being disillusioned by meeting you in real life! I look like my sister, but without the brains to become a doctor, or a success at any career…. I was listening to a North American being interviewed on BBC Radio Woman’s Hour once and she exclaimed ‘ Oh you English are so self deprecating!’ I yelled back at the radio ‘ But we love being self deprecating!’

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  3. I grew up in Oklahoma and for the life of me don’t recall a time when the historical version of the man was sold to us as self obsessed. My parents both took flying lessons at Wiley Post airport, something I thought rather inappropriate once I read a poster about him in the airport. I mean one should learn to fly somewhere not named after a guy who crashed, killing himself and Will Rogers in the process.

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  4. A beautiful example where punctuation is important.If you put a comma and drop the ? it becomes,Will Rogers, Like Me. Or Will, Rogers Like Me? Will Rogers Like, Me. Apropos of absolutely nothing but it sounded wittier in my brain. I like you. Of course, I’ve never met you…

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  5. Like Kelly Ripa very much although I haven’t watched much of her morning program. Like her predecessor too. Forget about her name now. I think you can definitely build a rapport with her. I googled Will Roger, but didn’t know if you are referring to the Will Roger I found there. I can learn so much about what I don’t know from you.

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  6. A new reader here, enjoying your blog. I like it, even. You personally? Would it be rude to withhold judgment until we meet and you treat me to a costly steak dinner and multiple cocktails?

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