Frozen Brain

Yesterday as I shoveled snow off my driveway, I thought how these winter storms undercut the message of global warning. Sure, I can understand the intellectual explanation of what climate change means but my freezing hands hit closer to home than the science. This is the same as my Mother no longer liking Tom Cruise after he played slimy male chauvinist Frank T.J. Mackey in the movie Magnolia. But, Mom, he won a Golden Globe for the role. He is an actor proving his range. Does not matter. My friend Michelle could not look at Ben Affleck the same way after he played Nick Dunne in Gone Girl. Two dozen years ago, my Dad warned me about buying a home on a side street halfway up a steep hill that turns into a downhill ice rink in wintry weather. Should I let my wife’s decision diminish my environmental passion? Sure. Every time I am snowed in and look down from my deck to see cars driving along on cleared off arterials at lower elevations, I remind myself to think about trading in our house for one higher on the hill so we will be in a cooler place when global warming hits. My 23 and Me ancestry test identified me as descended from an ancient tribe with the “part of the problem” gene. I can explain on a test why airplanes fly, boats float, and the world is round. But deep down inside, something gnaws at me that those things are not possible.

22 thoughts on “Frozen Brain

  1. As you live and learn, the scope of wisdom seems to shrink. Doesn’t everything seem to point back at one another? And advice and preferences are two things that always change colors. It’s just a matter of time, place, and experience. A frozen brain is better than none. You’ve got it under control, Geoff. 🙂

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  2. I was angry at Robin Williams and Keith Emerson for their suicides. It’s 82 down here. Like my dad used to say when we’d whine about no white Christmas, how there was mythical money in shoveling snow off old lady’s sidewalks – I never heard of anybody throwing their back out shoveling humidity. But if you’re looking for something equally pointless as snow shoveling to do you can rake and bag the leaves.

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  3. Wow, the snow must be big there. Be careful of the icy road. It is very dangerous and one can lose control of one’s car easily. Heard about ‘Gone Girl”, but never watched it. Is it really good?

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