Depth of Convictions

Decades ago, my brother Kevin took me and my wife out on Lake Washington in his new sailboat. He was testing out equipment including a depth finder. We were sailing toward the eastern shore between the two floating bridges. We seemed to be getting too close to land but the depth finder still registered twenty feet and continued to register twenty feet as we ran aground in shallow water. Apparently it was set to register no less than 20 feet. Maybe that was the danger zone where further information is superfluous like if the altimeter on your jet airplane gets down to twenty feet. I never learned depth finder details because I avoided that sailboat as if it were a time share condominium. I have always wondered how far my brother or anyone else would have trusted that depth finder if it had been physically possible to run the boat onto the beach, into the parking lot, and up to Snoqualmie Pass.

32 thoughts on “Depth of Convictions

  1. On our recent visit to Snoqualmie Falls we did see a guy towing a sailboat on the road by the Falls parking lot. (we did not know the pay lot was free for Handicapped Parking until we parked on the free lot and walked over the bridge and saw the sign). Does Kevin still have his boat and did he ever mess with the depth finder “stop you are gonna hit bottom” settings?

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    1. At peak times, parking at the Falls can get so full that I have parked on the shoulder past the pay lot. Kevin moved on to bigger and better boats and actually did the Victoria to Maui race with his oldest daughter where I assume he was in some really deep water. He is no longer with us so I can get away with Blogging about some of our disasters!

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  2. I hate those things. When I am on a large body of water, in a boat the size of our kitchen table, going way to friggin fast, I do not want to know that the water under me is sixty feet deep. I am darn sure it will be over my head if I fall out of the boat and try to walk to shore.

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