Insurance Strategies

Last Sunday, I was desperate to find gifts to mail to my son’s family of four in Arlington, Virginia. How unfair that I do not have until Christmas Eve to shop for them. My wife purchased a beer belt that holds six cans of beer. It seems like a defeat to consider such a gift appropriate for our 43 year old son. I also thought we already gave him the same belt. I check the file we keep to insure we are not caught regifting. My memory is impressive as we discover that we gifted him the exact same beer belt in 2018. He might not remember but we decide to give it to his older brother instead. Luckily, we are hoarders and can find plenty of gifts during a quick tour of our house. On Monday, I head to the Post Office with two packages to mail across country. I am well prepared for the long line with reading material. I finish Hallows and Heretics by Janet Gogerty (an excellent collection of short stories). Together the two packages cost about $55 to send Priority Mail. They each come with $50 of insurance. I am embarrassed to decline purchasing additional insurance because we will have to lie and/or forge receipts to prove we paid fifty bucks for the contents of either box. I hope uninsured packages are less likely to be stolen because they must reek of dollar store scents. But if they are stolen, I can tell my son that they contained jewelry and high end electronics. I do not know what to root for.

22 thoughts on “Insurance Strategies

  1. Hahaha! This is hilarious, Geoff. I think it’s better that the packages reach their destinations or you’ll have to spend more time and brain cells spinning more elaborate stories. What could have been in those packages but really wasn’t might take some imagination. Wish you well. 🙂

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    1. I absolutely loved your stories (I am a big fan of short stories in general). I was pleasantly surprised because I had no expectations. I hope to put a review on Amazon soon, although I am getting behind and Amazon and I always seem to be bickering over one thing or another.

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