No to November

November arrived yesterday and my early report is not good. On that Monday morning, daughter-in law Asia and I were taking a long walk and rehashing Halloween weekend. Her ten year old daughter Zofia had enjoyed a Friday school party and Saturday church Trunk or Treat event but Sunday night was a dark comedy of miscommunications and missed connections with the family of her best friend Sonali. Eager anticipation was crushed by the reality of Trick or Treating only with her grandfather as earlier back up options were no longer available. She was careful not to hurt my feelings but had desperately wanted Sonali to see her homemade bloody bride outfit with dirt and blood (red paint) stained on a white dress and veil. Zofia added an eerie candle and lipstick. I was vaguely uncomfortable because she used her First Communion dress but at least it was being worn again and money was not spent on a fancy costume. Asia and I argued over who to blame for Sunday’s mix-up. She targeted me and the lizards masquerading as Americans. I countered by blaming her and the school system. Suddenly a rogue bee vaccinated my right calf late in pollination season. This destroys my credibility with grandchildren who are terrified of bees. I always assure them that bees will not sting humans if left alone. The bee made a liar and killer out of me as I completed its suicide mission with an instinctive swat. That same morning, my first cousin emailed me that her husband was diagnosed with a life threatening cancer that chemotherapy cannot help. That changed my entire perspective of what is actually wrong with this November so far.

29 thoughts on “No to November

  1. Oh my God Geoff . I am really sorry about the cancer. It is devastating. What cancer is it? But you don’t have to say if you don’t want to. November is a bad month for me too. And as for the white dress stained with blood. Help! I’d have gone running lol

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  2. My wife was concerned by the amount of bloody vampire bride our 9-year-old granddaughter put up until she saw all said child’s female friends in various configurations of the same. I’m assuming preteen females are of the opinion that being a bride makes them zombies or angry enough to be blood thirsty. Feelings I think the females at least the last two generations in front of them are less forthright but equally in agreement with.

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  3. The bees are tetchy this year and I’m sorry you were stung. I don’t know much about your family, only what bits you’ve shared here on your blog, but “Asia” having that sort of attitude towards Americans (WTF?) angers me. But generalizations such as she made always do. There’s always some other, potentially more appealing country to go live in after all. Not blaming you, nor her either, as I don’t personally know either of you, but how rude. Good for you for countering her like that.

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  4. Sorry to hear that. That’s so unfortunate that your cousin’s husband got cancer. He probably has a lot of life in him, but cancer is so terrible a thing. I was so afraid of breast cancer that I haven’t touched milk product and haven’t eat meat much at all for more than ten years.

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  5. First communion dress. I laughed out loud for certain on that and can only imagine how your tried to brave the bee sting.

    And gosh…yes…the moments that put everything into perspective… I will keep you all in my prayers. I am sure your cousin liked to you to help come to terms of the news of her husband…. God Bless her…God Bless you. Donna

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    1. I thought my wife would be upset about how the First Communion dress was used because she bought it. But she was not at all. Which proves I still do not know her that well even though we have been married since 1969.

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      1. hahaha. Isn’t it amazing how that happens. My husband took some Butterfinger bar from the candy bucket. I told him he didn’t like those. hahaha. I was schooled. Just never say him eat one before. Hope your cousin is doing ok. Donna

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  6. I’m very sorry to hear about your cousin’s spouse. Real-life does put a crimp into a sense of humor. I hope the rest of the month is better than the start.

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  7. It’s a bit like my mother in law ( no longer ) who stings in the end it comes to bite her anyway , i mean you know what happens to bees after they sting . Sorry to hear that ha ha


  8. Additionally with a bee you know it right away with pretend goody tush ( omitting the name ) you might not know for days, it’s like this passive aggressive bite you notice only because you see the bite is swollen.


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