Heavenly Clarifications

Hiking on the Summerland Trail last Tuesday, my friend Mick and I were debating about the composition of heaven as if we had reservations there. Will pets be allowed? What if loved ones keep screwing up and miss the cut? Do you get a choice of which spouse you will be with? I told him my wife and I had a discussion about whether we should split up and contract second marriages just to have an extra option when the terms and conditions are presented. Mick was suspicious and asked when we had that discussion. I had to admit that we will actually be having it after this Blog is posted. If you accept the premise that heaven exists, you surely must acknowledge that an earthly mind (or in my case, an earthy mind) is not capable of contemplating that state of being. What if heaven is a sophisticated Star Trek holodeck where you interact with versions of the people who make it heaven for you. Your dog is there, your brother is not, and your second wife is frozen in a time frame before she started drinking and ran off with your brother. Of course those people can be in their own parallel universe holograms with or without versions of you. This is not likely the true vision of heaven because what are the chances that a higher being would develop a nirvana that I could intuit. It just demonstrates that infinite possibilities exist. Further information is on a need to know basis. Still I am making a list of people I want on my holodeck. Some of you are on the bubble.

25 thoughts on “Heavenly Clarifications

    1. I had never heard of Nutella until I had some in Germany in 1975. I told my wife we were going to make a fortune selling it in the United States. Unfortunately someone else had already beaten me to that idea.

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  1. Haha! Love your view points here Geoff. For myself, I really wonder about the heavenly realm and if there is one. Though I am born a catholic, my faith has gone in different directions with just too many low blows in life. But I like the humor in yours and if I do make it to the realm, I would love to say “Hello Geoff Stamper, I was Garfield Hug. It is indeed a pleasure to meet you post life!” Hahahaha!

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  2. There’s a passage somewhere in the New Testament (maybe Matthew) where the Pharisees try to trick Jesus by asking him which wife someone would end up in Heaven if he was married seven times. Jesus responds that he wouldn’t be with any of them because people won’t be married in heaven. The tone of the passage indicates that the Pharisees were totally owned. I’m just confused.

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  3. I googled “holodeck” and it really exists. I hope we have a right to select relatives in heaven. I mean I really don’t want to meet some of my annoying dysfunctional relatives. On the other hand, I wish I can meet my online friends and know them in person.

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