Years ago I posted a Blog titled Seventyish about when my wife Mollie was 68, almost 69. She was living in Arizona helping her 92 year old father sell his home and downsize after the death of his wife. Right before closing, the deal fell through because the buyer had been rushed to the hospital with a serious medical condition. I asked Mollie how old the buyer was and she responded, “About our age.” I made the big mistake of casually confirming, “So she’s seventyish?” Such observation was intended as a ray of optimism for the buyer’s recovery because she was quite a bit younger than my father-in-law who was “ninetyish.” But after a long silence on the phone, Mollie rebuked me, “Don’t do that! I hate when you do that.” The conversation went into a downward spiral after that. Mollie still thought we were in our mid 60’s or maybe just plain 60’s. I learned: Never round up an adult’s age. But everything is relative and timing is important. My wife and I are currently 74, so if I refer to us as “seventyish,” this is now a totally acceptable and non controversial term.

39 thoughts on “Timing

  1. Ha ha, my friend almost shares a birthday with her husband and they had planned a joint 70th party, but when the actual morning of his birthday arrived and he came down to see a big 70 balloon he was most disgruntled- he didn’t want to be reminded!

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  2. Women never understand that men are not mind readers, so if you say something that is out of sink with them, they get upset and we never see the reason why they behaved that way, but over time, it eventually falls in place for us.

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  3. Haha, that must have been a big lesson!!🤣 Just guess, don’t ask her, but do you remember when she started to say “Don’t put number candles on my birthday cake?” Let me give you a hint, I stopped doing it after I turned 21, the legal age to start drinking here in the US😜🍻

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  4. Never round up a woman’s age. My wife has had at least 30 birthday cakes with “29” on them. “Roughly our age” always covers a lot of non-sensitive ground because they could be even 80-ish and spry or 50-ish rode hard and put up wet. There was a couple on the news the other night, 54 and my wife said, “My God, 54? They look a lot worse than we do!”

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  5. Haha. You wife is right, but I guess you are not wrong either. So it is a right-right situation. 92 years old. He really should not live by himself. He should live in a community so that people can keep eyes on each other.

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    1. He did go to live with his oldest son and his family after the house was sold but died within a year of his wife. I am against living alone although my youngest sister does. A few years ago a man who lived around the block from us was dead for a few weeks before the gardener called the police when he heard the dog barking inside.


  6. So, I’m what I like to call the Voice of Treason in my friend group. To that end, my friends all hate me. Mainly over this age thing. My take on how people massage where they’re at in a particular decade of their life is this: “early” is the 0-2 years, “late” is the 8-9 (I know, it’s not fair, sue me), and everything else is “mid”.
    The drama that my correcting people who are, say 34 and calling themselves “early 30s” only yo have me declare “Mid. You’re in your mid 30s” is really something to see.

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