Learning New Rules

Some events alter life with no way back to normal. The 9-11 attacks precipitated a new normal for airport security. Post Pandemic normal is not yet determined. Our school district historically cracked down on attendance because children and parents flouted rules by skipping school on any pretense, including trips to Disneyland. The form still demands: “Don’t let your child stay home unless they are truly sick, such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or a contagious rash.” This instruction has been effectively countermanded by the awareness of how deadly viruses can spread. Observable bodily eruptions are no longer required to be excused. Over the years I have regularly dropped my now Fourth Grade granddaughter Zofia at school. She has always liked school and her teachers but gets anxious at times whether at home or school. She has some good coping mechanisms, including occasionally visiting the school Nurse for comfort. Only once in preschool was I ever called to pick her up. But twice this September the Nurse sent Zofia home for a Covid test. On Tuesday when I arrived she felt fine but was not allowed back in class. As we digested the protocols, Zofia and I both realized that a visit to the Nurse automatically triggers a Covid-19 test because everything is a symptom. A doctor’s note is accepted but her doctor requires a Covid test. The next day, we received a negative result with two hours of school left. We raced there joyously chanting, “Do not talk to Nurse no matter what!” Sad, because pandemic virtual school included daily videos and exercises encouraging students to share how they were feeling. Good news for malingerers: avoiding school should now be as easy as skipping Jury Duty.

25 thoughts on “Learning New Rules

  1. This is all so very sad Geoff. Will life ever be the same again? I feel so sorry for thid kids who may never know the freedomcwe knew. Let’s just hope the damned vurus takes acrunning jump never to return again.

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  2. It is strange how normal has become so inherently elusive anymore. When people say “back to normal” now, I have no idea which normal they are referring to. I have seen a lot of normals in my life.

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  3. Normal seems like a long time ago. Even when I think back to my childhood days, I somehow imagine myself with a mask.
    Poor kid! I hope she gets to enjoy school life to the fullest once again. The NORMAL way.

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  4. Hahaha. Yes, it will be so hard for schools to keep up without constant testing. What a mess. When will this ever end? Sometimes one feels that this will never end. Actually virtual classes and home school is not a bad idea. I met a boy and a girl who were homeschooled when I was living in upstate New York. They are great kids. I had never known that homeschool can be such a good idea.

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