Lifetime Learning

I have learned that if you use large black garbage sacks both for garbage and for packing clothes to donate to charity, you will eventually deliver a huge sack of garbage to Goodwill. Then you have to spend time researching the value of the garbage to determine how big a charitable donation you can claim on Schedule A of your income tax filing. I have learned that strong beliefs are convictions. And convictions lead to jail time. So avoid strong beliefs. For example I believe that drivers should not speed but I do it myself, so my belief is not too strong. I believe people should not lose their temper but I grant an exception when I lose mine. I oppose mansplaining but apparently not enough to stop doing it. I believe everyone should read my Blog postings but then again, I cannot make it through proofreading without gagging at least once. I just cut 100 words from this one. You’re welcome.


12 thoughts on “Lifetime Learning

  1. Hahaha. What a nice pun on “conviction”. Why cutting one hundred words? Now I am starting to wonder what you have cut away. Must be something interesting. What one doesn’t see has always been more attractive for some strange reasons.

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