In over five years of Blogging, I have never tried to add a Tag until today. I am not sure how people found me before but I expect that readership will explode now that I have found this new tool. It took me four years to get a photo gravatar and five years to try paragraphs. Why does it take me so long to do things in my own best interest? Five answers: (1) Laziness; (2) Contrariness; (3) Stupidity; (4) Old Age; and (5) I forgot the last reason because I did not write it down or I wrote it down and put it in the freezer. At age 74, you would think I would not be dragging my feet since time is a scarce commodity. I do not have the luxury of a ten year plan. This post is short because I spent a great deal of time locating the “tag” button. And if no tag appears, I failed to execute (see item 3 above).


38 thoughts on “Tags

  1. I used a bunch of those early on. By a bunch I mean like a mom I need for my dorm room list. Until I read somewhere only the first 7 make it to the WordPress search list. The issue became oh dear… which 7? Several years ago I quit and most of my posts have nothing to do with whatever tags I used the last time I worried about it. I do know Poetry brings in the hits

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  2. After I started blogging a friend told me that I needed to use Categories and Tags, so I went back and edited all of my previous posts, which was about 150 at that time and added Categories and Tags to all of them. To make it easier for my self, I made them all the same, so all pf my Categories match my Tags, which is useless, but now I have 3,545 posts and this is just ridiculous.

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  3. Those tags are helpful in being found by search engines outside of WP. You should try to have more than one, but no more than fifteen. Although there are many widely followed bloggers who do not use them at all. If it took 74 years to discover “tags”, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for you!

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  4. I tried several tags a post, but I don’t know if they help or not. I have no idea. And you are right, “so much to learn and so little time”. I don’t have the energy to learn about tags and search engines. I guess I just have to be content with WP obscurity. LOL.

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