Lost Chicken

My wife and I were driving on a Sunday date night when daughter-in-law Asia called about a neighbor lady who asked if we had seen her chicken. We were taken aback by the oddity of the question and relieved the call was not about festering family problem. In 23 years, we have seen deer, bobcats, coyotes, skunks, raccoons, rabbits, quail, moles, hummingbirds, eagles, geckos, mice, and bats in our neighborhood. But we have never seen a chicken running loose or in a coop. Asia and the lady were trying to communicate in English, not the first language for either woman. The neighbor kept making three points over and over: (1) the chicken was the only thing keeping her husband alive; (2) she had seen the chicken on our property; and (3) she wanted to look in our backyard. Asia granted permission, notified us, but did not warn her husband Matt and their daughter who were startled when the neighbor interrupted their Badminton game. Matt had the same conversation with the woman. I do not know if she thinks we stole her chicken and is appealing to us to return it to her ailing husband. Or maybe she has a chicken-savant administering lifesaving medical treatment which is helping her husband. But I do know the chicken is not going to survive in the wild with predators and dogs running around. Then again, I do not know if our neighbor even has a husband or a chicken. But I am initiating no contact unless I actually spot a chicken.


16 thoughts on “Lost Chicken

  1. That last paragraph was really great.
    With all the critters out there she should never have left the chicken out. Perhaps, since English is not her first language, she meant something else…I lost my checkin’…maybe not…
    My son raises ducks and where he lives has to watch out for hawks and raccoons, mostly.

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  2. When I was growing up, several people in the neighborhood kept chickens. And sometimes one chicken would get lost and such inquires will be spread around. Basically the owner suspected that other people might have come to the chicken coop and grabbed a live chicken to go home to cook a dinner out of it. Usually such cases ended up unsolved mysteries.

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  3. My goodness, is this missing chicken for real! She must think you defeathered the bird and ate it. I should give you a recipe for chicken rice! But I doubt you would. Yes, avoid contact unless the spot the feather friend. It may not survive the wild indeed.

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