The Village

The Red Tricycle website recently reported on studies identifying benefits of sending children to visit their grandparents. I consolidated the findings into five general categories.

(1) Grandparents provide unconditional love which is apparently good, although my granddaughter plays the game I remember her uncle loving when she asks whether I would still love her if she killed so and so. Luckily I do not answer hypothetical questions.

(2) Grandparents who babysit allegedly have a “37% lower mortality risk” than those who have no caring responsibilities. But do studies control for the variable of health condition? Maybe grandparents who die first are ones too sick to take care of grandchildren. Plus I will need an Accounting Professor explain what exactly a “37% lower mortality risk” means. If my friend Goktug has a 100% chance of dying, does that mean I only have a 63% chance of death?

(3) Grandparents want to show grandchildren the world. They showcase culture by exposing children to museums, art shows, musical theater, and even skip-gen trips. Or in my case, the culture is digging for worms, watching scary movies like The Fly and The Quiet Place, and going on Lazy Man Zoo and Aquarium Outings to nearby pet stores and fish markets.

(4) Everyone can be part of a “village” team. Grandparents can be sounding boards. Their role allows them to be less judgmental and offer empathy. Theoretically this produces happier and more secure children with less emotional and behavioral problems. But I can prove exceptions do exist.

(5) Children can learn about the past as grandparents share pictures and stories. According to scientists, understanding what life was like in the past can help children see the possibilities for change in their future. My sharing helps my grandchildren get plenty of sleep.


23 thoughts on “The Village

  1. it’s a perfect symbiotic relationship.

    and like I tell my students when they ask me a question I don’t know the answer to “we’ll cover that later in the semester”. of course, we never do. but the question never gets asked again…

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  2. I could cover all of these with Grampa is where the hammer drops on BS, Grandchildren who spend the night have a 37% chance of giving their grandparents hypertension, 3 is true, Nana is big on museums and classical music and ballet even if they get eye-rolled, 4 is also true – what happens at grandparents stays at grandparents, including multiple trips to the freezer for caramel in the center drumsticks and to the jar where baby Paydays reside. 5? Forget it. The past, like everywhere else in this culture, is 15 minutes ago. Ew, papa. Who is that baby and the man with the long hair? That’s your mother and me. Ewwwwww! Nuh uh!

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  3. I know many people who love their grandparents more than their own parents because they spend their childhood with their grandparents. Some never really bond with their own parents the way they should have. It is sometimes sad since in many places in the world, mothers have to work and affordable childcare is not available as it should, grandparents are the ones who fill in the gap. Ode to grandparents around the world for their hard work and the joy they bring.

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