Secret Bedrooms

Samantha Hartsoe was the New York woman who found an abandoned and uninhabitable three bedroom apartment behind her bathroom mirror earlier this year. She was checking for a draft, removed the mirror, and parlayed the discovery into a profitable appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The building manager promptly bolted down all other bathroom mirrors in the apartment complex. My first instinct would have been to occupy the newfound space. I would seal any other possible entry from anywhere other than my existing apartment and slowly fix up the new space. But then my first instinct when Trump was elected President was to convert stock into cash. Other secret rooms have been found elsewhere like a sealed up bathroom in an Oklahoma home. So I asked my wife which of our three bathroom mirrors I should remove first for my treasure hunt. She was not a big fan and argued somewhat persuasively that our master bedroom is on the other side of our bedroom mirror. Still, I would like Dr. Fauci to weigh in before I abandon my project because I do not think my wife understands the science behind Harry Potter type hidden dimensions. But I think I am winning her over because I overheard her telling one of my sons something about a secret exploration for a new living place for me.

23 thoughts on “Secret Bedrooms

  1. That was so crazy and creepy and I pictured a band of rogue clowns living there and acting out her every move. Maybe try seeing why secrets lie beyond your garage window and the should solve the problem

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  2. Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) got a surprise when someone decided to re-remodel a house his father had lived in Houston and found an Oscar statuette and other things on a built-in bookshelf that had been sealed up and returned them. Gibbons’ father was second cousin of the guy who designed the Oscar statue in 1928. I don’t know if his dad won one or if it was some sort of prototype. I said Lord take me to the suburbs, I’m just lookin’ for my Oscar…

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