Motel 6

I am so old, I remember getting rooms at Motel 6 for $6 per night. Pumpernickel bread was pumperpenny bread back then. My wife and I took a motel room in the Detroit area for $6 that made Motel 6 look luxurious. You could not open the door even half way because it banged into the bed. We sometimes slept in the car or a pup tent to avoid paying $12 for a room. We stayed in places with rules against cooking in the rooms. My wife carried a pan you could plug in and we cooked in the room anyway. I was against it but my wife was the edgy one, always sneaking past “No Trespassing” signs to make me uncomfortable. She bullied me into driving on a Florida beach where I got stuck and had to be recued by a guy way cooler than me. Laundromats were scary. We ate out of grocery stores and at KFC. If we went to a restaurant, we lingered over cheap glasses of wine and French fries. Once when I left change on the tray the waiter was holding, he waited so long for a bigger tip that I scooped up the coins and took them back. Our car broke down and had to be towed more than once. Driving at high speed on a highway near Shreveport in August, we burned through the brake line and only by luck and downshifting off the exit did I navigate to a stop in a dead end street a few feet from water. We eventually visited all 50 states. Twelve years ago for our 40th Anniversary, we drove to Teddy Roosevelt National Park and picked up North Dakota as the last one. Those were the very best of times.


22 thoughts on “Motel 6

  1. what a wonderful lifetime of memories.

    we hope to see all 50 states as well. we’ve got the two hardest ones out of the way.

    those rescue guys are always cool..

    and my wife and I still go places and have beer and fries; it’s a cheap date…

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    1. Years ago when I applied to be on Survivor, I was surprised how boring my answer was to the question about a perfect day, something along the lines of a hike, movie, and dinner with family at Rialto’s, a low key Italian restaurant. No wonder I was not picked.

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  2. We haven’t made it to all 50 yet but we have been around. We went hitchhiking as youngsters and slept in cornfields and garages. But we’ve only been married 41 years, so far.
    I don’t think cornfields are for us anymore, though.

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  3. Omg…this was too funny! Kept thinking…been there, done that. Although I haven’t made it to all 50 states, the National Parks has been #1 on my bucket list. Teddy Roosevelt was amazing! Congrats on 52 years of marriage. She must be a very special woman to have endured cheap wine and French fries. Unless, of course, you were in Paris.Tomorrow is anniversary #51 for me…he is a man of extreme patience and forgiveness. But today I’m celebrating…my first story is published!! So much nicer to get a thumbs up as opposed to a rejection slip.

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    1. Congratulations on the publication of your story. What an exciting day that is! All the more sweeter when you have endured rejection slips. Double congratulations on your 51st Anniversary. You own a majority of a semester together. But getting past 50 years also means we have to admit we are old!


  4. Oh, man. Remember when you could rent a motel room with a gas company credit card? Or before you watched the news very often? “Y’all can’t stay on the beach in that van.” “Wow, when did that happen” “When the hurricane decided to be here ‘bout 4AM.”

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  5. Wow! You did 50 states! $6 a night for motel room? Erm…you were not kidding when you said you are a senior! You have had some serious fun in your youthful days and did great adventures. These days we are all pampered and haha, minimally 4 stars before I will camp in either of the hotels. But in Australia the bed n breakfast inns were not half bad and self contained units were liveable with a fire place. I am spoilt and never saw the rough side of living I guess. City folks haha!

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