In his farewell, ex-Governor Andrew Cuomo called it “unfair” that an unfair investigation forced his resignation. I cannot speak to details regarding the unfairness because I purposely avoid immersing myself in political scandals. But from a headline perspective, I am amused how quickly the privileged scream “unfair” whenever the universe does not favor them. Is it fair that Cuomo was born the son of a three term Governor of New York? Is it fair that he always had enough to eat and never had to worry about police brutality? Is it fair that he had access to the best educational opportunities? Is it fair that at the age of 24, he was given the job of Campaign Manager for his father’s Gubernatorial campaign? Is it fair that he had a network of connections guaranteeing him every advantage in obtaining prestigious jobs that led to his own election as Governor? I am not complaining about those advantages. It just sticks in my craw when people decide to play the game, take credit for victories, and then scream “unfair” whenever they lose. He had choices on how he treated women, submitted nursing home statistics, and handled personal and business expenses. I happened to be born into privilege but did I cry “unfair” every time I did not get my way? Well, yeah, but that only makes me as big a jerk as Cuomo. And I did not give speeches about the unfairness but just bitched privately to my wife. Maybe I also whined to close friends and family. That is how I know Cuomo’s strategy is flawed. Nobody was sympathetic to my plight. List your accomplishments and admit your mistakes. Be a class act. If you were forced to resign, they were big mistakes by definition. Besides we love redemption stories.


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  1. The governor calls in all of his top aides for a closed door meeting. They wait in the foyer until, one at a time, they are all called in. Finally, the last man standing, Denny, a junior spin doctor on the cusp of greatness is admitted. “Denny,” the governor looks him straight in the eye, “have you ever had sex my secretary Miss Bloom?” “No sir, never.” “Think very carefully, Denny. Have-you-ever-slept-with-Miss-Bloom” “No sir. I’ve never even gotten close to her. I’m down in the press pool all day.” “You’re certain?” “Yes sir.” The gov looks around at all his other aides, nods. “Okay, Denny, good man. YOU fire her.”

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