Alphabet Plan

Some say that having a Plan B makes it less likely Plan A will work. Say my Plan A to live forever relies on exercise and a healthy diet. But then I introduce a Plan B Backup by enrolling in a cryonics plan to be frozen after death and thawed out in the future when scientific advances will keep me alive without the nuisance of exercising and dieting. Now I am far less likely to stick to Plan A’s requirement for working out and maintaining self control, knowing I have another option. One solution is to never have a Plan B. My own response was to come up with Plan C Canada! On August 9, they opened up their borders to vaccinated American travelers. The window of opportunity might be short. We need to get up there before the border closes again and global warming escalates. Later Canada will be so preoccupied with keeping people out that they will not likely find me hiding somewhere or prioritize deporting me. The United States may not even be willing to take me back. As earth heats up, the healthiest place to be is somewhere closer to the North Pole far away from the craziness and higher temperature down below. If my Plan C does not work out, Plan D Death for me relies heavily on two assumptions: (E) Existence of Afterlife and (F) Forgiveness Theme Park.

15 thoughts on “Alphabet Plan

      1. And plan H is to take the rocket to an outer space, a time machine to the 19th century, or … However you want to be in a place where there’s cell phone service and social media access.

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