Texas Panhandle

I have been to Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah but have never visited the Four Corners Monument where you can touch all four states at the same time. The current borders may vary from the intended ones due to survey discrepancies but they are accepted legally. I remember trips to Harper’s Ferry where three states (Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland) intersect. I thought that was a big deal until I found out 61 other such points exist in the United States, some of the them in water. Sensing a geographic progression heading toward infinity, I did not research how many points exist between two states. Instead I am pursuing an economic opportunity to add a fifth state to the Four Corners Monument. Eight other states border at least one of the four states. I just need one of the current four states to deed over to one of the eight outlying states a six foot wide trail of land through their state until it touches the point of intersection at the Four Corners Monument. This could be financed with donations until a percentage of future proceeds can be collected from the increase in tourist revenues. For example, a trail could originate in Texas and cut through New Mexico to the new Five State Pentagon monument. The trail could be named CANTU for the five states involved. Cantu Beauty could sponsor upgrades to the currently remote area with resort and entertainment amenities. Maybe CANTU could become a trail famous for providing escape for people fleeing Texas. Or for people emigrating to Texas. Perhaps CANTU could just become a famous hike like the Appalachian Trail. Cant you see the possibilities?

21 thoughts on “Texas Panhandle

  1. Your “trail” idea is interesting, but I suspect a simple pedestrian easement would be more politically feasible than a deed. Also, how would you handle water rights, grazing rights, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.? Not sure you thought this through.

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    1. Unfortunately an easement would taint the notion that a fifth state is actually touching the other four. True, the negotiations will be difficult because the acquiring state will be in charge of their new land and the seller would want extensive compensation and potentially other rights in return for deeding the land. That is why I will be in charge of procuring donations before the tourist money starts pouring in, making it possible to fully grease the palms of all parties.

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  2. My grandchildren and their parents, one of my other daughters, and my wife have all been to four corners but I, so far, have missed out. We have pictures of them with feet and palms in all four simultaneously.

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